Pulse Youth

Pulse exists to connect teenagers to Jesus and to help fulfill the vision of Epicentre Church.

Pulse is specifically designed for high school students and we share life together in a number of different ways.
Most Friday night’s we have a youth service where the Youth Band will be playing, a powerful message for young people will be shared and 'tribal wars' will be played. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and hang out with positive teenagers.

At Pulse we have created a crazy environment for teenagers to bring their friends and hear the true and loving message of God.

Pulse meets on Friday nights at 1-11 Service Street. All events cost $3 unless stated otherwise.

Pulse Youth is run by Ps. Alisha Watters and her incredible team.
If you would like more information regarding Arena please contact Leash or visit us on our Facebook Page for week to week info.

The Pulse Team.