epic kids

Epic kids is an empowering kids program encouraging the individuality of every child. Our programs provide opportunity for creativity, adventure, and positive friendship building. Epic Kids offers weekly opportunities for both families and children to connect. Please see below for details on weekly kids programs...

Sunday Program: Our Sunday services include a diverse range of kids programs, differing every week to cater for each child's individual style of learning allowing them to connect with God in their own way. Sign-in 3:50pm/ pick-up 5:45pm. Our Sunday program consists of games, toys, arts, crafts and more.

Epicentre Playgroup: Monday 9 - 11am
Playgroup meets at our Epicentre building. It is an informal get together for any women to connect and build supportive, encouraging friendships while enjoying great coffee.

If you’d like more details about Epic kids, please email Libby here.

Kids links

Wednesday's: Kids Link is a small group for kids grade 2 - 5, that helps connect kids with positive role models in engaging activities and media. Kids link is held at 1-11 service st, 

4 - 5:30pm every Wednesday at the Epicentre community building.