I am new here...

Whether you've never been to a church service before or you attend

every week, you can anticipate an encouraging & enlightening experience!  

Our services are designed to be relevant, engaging, and meaningful.

We have a passion for the arts, so music & creativity are a

big part of the way we communicate.

You can expect...

    * A casual atmosphere where you can come as you are
    * Real people who are glad you're here
    * Live music that rocks
    * Relevant messages that apply to everyday life
    * A fun and safe place for your kids

Our service times...

4pm on a Sunday afternoon...
1-11 Service St, Echuca

Featuring a great friendly atmosphere, live worship,

practical Bible-based teaching and a quality kids program.
This service will finish on or just after 6pm.

Worship is something we can do individually, but God

places special importance on believers worshiping together.
Sunday evenings at Epicentre is the best place to be!
Whatever your reason for coming to church we would love to meet you!