vision partners

Without hesitation, I invite you to join us in 2015.
Paul encouraged the Philippians(2:2), to be like-minded, to love one another and to have the same mission.
This is the essence of partnership.
Partnership is God’s plan for the fulfilment of the Great Commission. The Apostle Paul partnered with the Macedonian church (2 Cor 8) and with the Philippian church (Phil. 1), and it will be through partnerships with people like you that our vision of a church irresistible, spiritually mature and esteemed in our community, will be accomplished! Your partnership – financial, volunteering, prayer, service or just loving with no strings attached – is key to seeing this mission being fulfilled.
I am inviting you to be a part of raising $25,000 to help with our building loan and with our on-going building development.
We are asking everyone to stretch their faith, in a partnership of like minded people…what would it look like if we all put $250.00 into this offering? We would reach this goal and beyond!
Just today I received a cheque for $750.00 in the mail. Join me as we pray for abundance to flow, releasing more opportunity and reaching our community with the love of Jesus.
Start saving now…together we will achieve more..